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Mohawk Industries Turning “Green” Into Green: Ideas You Can Use Today

Mohawk Industries Turning “Green” Into Green: Ideas You Can Use TodayRetailers across the country have used sustainability to make a difference in their stores’ bottom lines. Mohawk Industries has been asking dealers for their best practices and have gotten scores of ideas in how to reduce costs, boost sales, and build stronger bonds with customers.

From this research we have broken sustainability down into three key principles:

• Profit: The lasting economic impact a business makes for itself and community.
• People: Engaged in the business and community to make an impact.
• Planet: Stewardship of natural resources to ensure healthy continuity.

Using these, stores have been able to make immediate changes that result in better profitability. Here are some ideas you can start implementing today:

Cut down disposables. The costs for disposable items—coffee cups in the break room, for instance, can add up to be significant, and they add to the waste stream. Cutting back on these helps the environment and reduces your operating expenses.

Recycle as much as possible. Recycling can be less expensive than landfill fees, and it’s better for the environment. Plus, programs are in place for recycling carpet—and other flooring products—cardboard and many other materials. Some items—like cushion— can even be income generators.

Look close at energy. Utilities are a major expense, and your local utility will do an audit for free. Some stores report reducing energy costs as much as 80% after an audit. Even small things, such as switching to compact florescent lighting, can make a noticeable difference.

Time is money. Save it with GPS. Time and fuel are wasted by installation and delivery crews getting lost on the way to a job. GPS systems are inexpensive. The resulting energy cost reductions and improvements in crew efficiency can be substantial.

Communicate what you’re doing. Customers and employees respond positively to sustainability when they understand what’s being done. Even small steps—like store signage to explain a recycling program or grouping green products together on the showroom floor— pay off.

Think electronic. Sending invoices, estimates and proposals electronically reduces time, paper and other costs.

Be an expert. Sharing sustainable ideas with consumers, designers, builders and others helps them understand how the products you sell can be applied to their homes and projects. Offer seminars at your store to build traffic and showcase products.

Don’t go it alone. Manufacturers, utilities local green organizations and others offer help in sustainability practices. This can also reduce or eliminate store expenses.

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